Starfighter Dice
Specialized Dice for Space Combat

More than just a d6, Starfighter Dice are also counters on the gaming table for fighters or missiles that also show how many are remaining in each group.


How to order

In many space games, fighters and missiles on the game table are represented by counters or miniatures and sometimes a regular d6.

Starfighter Dice takes the d6 a step further by replacing the normal round pips with outlines of missiles or fighters, making the die more identifiable and interesting on the table.  

These dice are not intended to fully replace stands of small fighter miniatures.  They are an alternative for large games with lots of fighters, when you don't have the right miniatures, or if you just want something different.

Starfighter Dice start as a blank 16m black cube and the pips are laser engraved on all 6 sides.

Don't forget, Starfighter Dice can still be rolled like any other d6 to generate a random result.

Missile Dice

Plasma Dice

Fighter Dice

Famous Fighter Dice

Painting the Pips


Orders Still Being Taken 

The pre-orders are being filled with an initial run of Starfighter Dice but a bunch of extras were engraved and are available for sale

Current Pricing:

Unpainted - $2.00 per die

Painted Pips - $2.50 per die

Custom Painting - $3.00 per die

Prices may go up when additional dice need to be engraved.



How to Order

Starfighter Dice is not set up with a shopping cart.

Please email and check on current stock levels before ordering and I will update the descriptions below on what items are out of stock.

To submit an order you can either:

   A) Download the spreadsheet order form and fill that out and email it to

   B) Send an email to listing all the items you want, counts and options

The spreadsheet has drop down menus to help you select the item numbers and pip color. then enter the quantity and it will calculate the total costs for you making the process simple.  It is in an Excel format but will work with the OpenOffice, a free alternative.

If you have any issues with the spreadsheet, make sure you save it to your own computer or enable editing so it will allow you to make changes.

Your order will be reviewed and and an Invoice will be emailed back to you through PayPal with order details and the total amount due.  You can review the order one more time and then pay using your PayPal account or with a credit card processed through PayPal.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping and Handling charges are fixed based on the shipping destination:  
$3 for US orders, $10 for Canadian orders, and $15 for everywhere else.

There is no volume discount on the dice, but the more dice you order, the shipping costs you pay will not go up so you save on larger orders since you don't pay the increased shipping costs.

Problems & Returns

Please contact us if you have any issues with your order once you receive it, we will work out a way to make it right.

Missile Dice

When a missile swarm is on the game table and round pips just won't do - missile dice will be easily identified as an incoming threat and can be pointed towards their target to reduce confusion, all while showing exactly how many missiles are in flight.


Missile Dice are available with the following images as the pips on the dice - choose the one you prefer.

Plasma Dice

Plasma Torpedo incoming!  If your starship shoots a plasma torpedo, plasma balls or any other exploding ball of destruction, Plasma Dice can help you identify where that danger is sitting on the table plus it will show you exactly how powerful it is.  Unlike Missile and Fighter Dice, the Plasma Dice may have a single image on each side, but size of the boom or the number in the middle will tell you all you need to know about it's destructive capability.

The initial test run of the Plasma Dice had an issue with the font not translating well to the final engraving, but the production versions will have that fixed and a second plasma design was added plus a photon torpedo version will show a spread of torpedoes with multiple pips on a side (or you can use them to show the number of impacts on a ship too).


Fighter Dice

Fighters in space combat don't usually last that long.  Fighter Dice show the status of a fighter group of 6 starfighters after they launch and start their attack run.  As fighters are destroyed, rotate the dice to show how many fighters are left and still in the battle. 


Fighter Dice are available with the following images as the pips - choose the one you prefer or mix and match to show different types of fighters.




Famous Fighter Dice

Sci-Fi television series and movies are full of cool fighters.  You can fill out squadrons with your favorite fighters and get them on the table for gaming or get them just as a neat d6 you can roll for whatever reason you want.

Choose fighters from your favorite faction from your favorite universe or mix and match for a massive crossover game to settle all the debates.



Painting the Pips

When the black 16mm d6 is engraved by a laser, the engraved portion is a lighter gray on the black background.  The image engraved or the 'pip' can be filled with paint to make it much more visible and to make each die unique like Red Squadron, Blue Squadron, etc.



Unpainted dice - $2 each

You can leave the pips alone or paint them yourself I don't mind - see the 'how to' video below.

Painted Pips - $2.50 each

For a small additional cost, all the pips on a die will be filled with a single color of paint from the options to the right.  

When ordering, you can choose to have multiple dice painted with the same color, or have each die painted with a different color.

White - Silver - Gold



Red - Orange - Yellow



Green - Blue - Purple



Custom Painting - $3.00 each

If you want something more that a single color paint on a die, you can make them Custom.  This covers more than one color per die, a color not currently available or any other similar special requests.  Make sure you describe the special request in the comments section of the order such as what color you want on each specific side or a request for a new color for the pips.



Dice Sleeves - $0.25 for 6

As the pips are more colorful, the sides of the dice not facing up may be distracting when you only want to view the top of the dice.  Dice sleeves will cover those sides and can be easily slipped on or off as you change the side showing on top.  The sleeves are just black paper pre-cut so all you have to do is fold them around a die and tape or glue it to keep it's shape.

Sure you can do this with your own paper, but if you want to save that effort, you can get the pre-cut sleeves and all you have to do is assemble them.



How the pips are painted on the dice

I use craft paint pens which are available and better craft and hobby stores.  The water based paint pens work well for most colors but for the orange, yellow, and blue pips, the more expensive oil-based paint pens give much better coverage.



The process I use to paint the pips I took from this video and it works well for me.



Update: After painting the pips on a whole lot of dice, I am now using just the extra fine tip oil based paint pens.  The cost a bit more but the extra control to just paint the recessed pip and not a lot of the flat area around it makes the cleanup of the dice (rubbing it on paper) much quicker and easier with less waste.
Also buffing the side on a used drier sheet really does clean up that last bit of paint on the side that is hard to get off.